ONE: debut YA novel written by Leigh Anne Kopans
Storyboards, script, and video by: Catherine Scully
Book Cover Design by: Nathalia Suellen

Design challenge: to create a book trailer promoting and telling the story of yound adult novel, "ONE", to drive pre-order sales

Outcome: Successful increase of e-book and print sales before and after the launch of the book

The Script:

As days go, mine are pretty normal. Beat on the drums for a while after class. Avoid my perfect twin brothers. But when I’m alone, something happens...
I float.
An inch, two, six, a foot. I stay there for seconds, then minutes.
But then it fades.
I’m a One – a half-superpowered freak. I can hover, but I can’t fly. I need to make my body light and then propel myself forward.
Two powers. Not One.
Every One puts up with getting teased, waiting for the second ability to show up. The One power starts to fade.
After a while, they quit. The One fizzles into nothing.
Here's my secret - I never quit trying.
ONE -by Leigh Ann Kopans COMING JUNE 11 2013

The Photography
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