Hi! I'm Cat Scully!

I'm a Graphic designer, a motion designer, and a UXer.
I'm a recent transplant from Atlanta, GA to Haverhill, MA.
I love to bike, get outdoors, and watch really scary movies and eat really spicy food.
But, most of all, I love storytelling.
I believe Ellen Dugan said it best:
"Design is Storytelling."
And I want to tell your story.
Let's collaborate!

Some facts about me:
- I started out as a writer then became a designer.
- I earned certificates in Graphic Design and UX/UI from California Institute of the Arts.
- I hold a bachelor's degree in Writing from Western Carolina University.
- I'm a member of AIGA, SCBWI, and the HWA.
- My illustrations are published all over the world.
- I love using what I've learned in the design world to help others achieve their goals, whether they're companies or the next NYT bestselling author.
- Animation, be it for a mobile app or motion graphics, is my passion.
- I bring 10 years of design experience and storytelling to UX, creating a unique view that always has the user in mind as well as good design.
- I love surprising people with what I can do. I'm constantly learning something new. "I can't do it" is not in my vocabulary.

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