Design Problem: Website was redesigned from an older version which drove e-books sales through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indiebound. The current structure was reconfigured using Wordpress into a new design as seen below. Navigation of the current site uses too many clicks to find current work, relies on a current knowledge of his work, and does not drive independantly published e-book sales.

Solution: Restructure and re-branding of site to drive traffic using a design that will increase scrolling over clicking through to find content and purchase. Will use Google Analytics and Amazon Analytics to determine increase in sales output and traffic.

1.1 Introduction

NYT bestselling author Christopher Golden, known for his works writing novels and comics for Buffy, Star Wars, Hellboy, and more, is looking to increase traffic to his current website through a redesign of the current interface. There are elements of a previous version of the site that he wishes to incorporate as well as increase signups of his newsletter.

Outcome of design results will be monitored through Google Analytics and Wordpress Statistics.

1.2 Executive Summary 

Christopher Golden’s author website will be a mobile-responsive, friendly website that is clean in design, easy to skim, engaging, and with a user flow directed towards introducing new readers to the entire collection of his works as well as letting readers of various fandoms learn about his other writing.

The main features will include:
- Books, comics, and anthology releases past and upcoming with purchase links
- Navigation by book/comic/anthology cover image rather than navigation by name
- Event updates as they become available
- Wordpress blog for updates
- Ebook release news and purchase links
- Social media updates
- Contact information
- Press releases 
- Updated FAQ section, Bibliography, About, Home with latest updates for multiple releases in multiple platforms at any given time
- Entice user through design to swipe through books, new and old, and to scroll down to find out more both in mobile and website versions 

1.3 Target Audience 

Targeting new readers, introducing fans of popular works to other works by Golden, publishers, publicists, librarians, book stores, schools, film and broadcast studios, collaborators, professional writers, amateur writers, and any other applicable persons to the publishing industry.

1.4 Functional Requirements

1.4.1. All users must have as minimal clicks as possible when reaching the book and e-book purchase links
1.4.2. Book thumbnails should lead to images of books with clickable links to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and/or Indiebound.
1.4.3. E-books need as much prominence as other works and will be positioned visually on equal footing with all other work.
1.4.4. New logo and branding including typography and color scheme must be designed to show variety of published works
1.4.5. Interface must be clean and responsive to different platforms
1.4.6. Multiple works must be updated regularly on home page with links for pre-order and/or purchase

1.5 Platform Requirements

Most readers access websites through e-readers and phones, so the website must be responsive to all platforms including Kindle, Nook, iPhone, Android, iOS tablets, Windows, and Mac. Architecture and design should be constructed as to accommodate future minimization and expansion of devices and/or technological platforms.

1.6 Application Qualities

-User-friendliness – Scrolling and swiping will promote more use both on mobile and web platforms
- Mobile-responsive - Ability to scroll through latest works by cover alone promotes discovery of other works
- Promotion- Allows for ease of updates by being more visual rather than text-heavy
- Information- Retain ability to blog, add events, press kit information, and update bibliography
- Ease of purchase- Fewer clicks and/or swipes to reach purchase buttons

1.7 Potential Risks

1.7.1. Ability to upload new works and materials would require potential assistance from a designer or developer.
1.7.2. Scrolling through images would need minimal text to better transition into mobile. Text would have to be responsive.
1.7.3. All links must be tested to ensure connection to purchase pages.

1.8 Future Updates

1.8.1. Covers of new releases and description text as it becomes available will need to be uploaded to home page image carousel. Landing pages will need to be added for each new book, comic, or anthology along with tested purchase links.


Axure mockup pitch for client highlighting restructured design for home page of website redesign. Currently designing subsequent pages and mobile version. Once complete, presenting to client for approval before high-res version is designed and submitted. 
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